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ERP in the Cloud

ERP in the cloud and Hybrid ERP enable manufacturers to be more agile, adapt quickly to changes in their operating environment, and capitalize on opportunities faster than their competition. Download ERP in the Cloud to learn more about how to make your business more agile and profitable!

Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps Whitepaper

Managing the selection and implementation of a new ERP system is a major undertaking for any organization. abas ERP has developed a clear and thorough 7-Step Guide that simplifies the selection process and helps you make an informed, confident decision.

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KPI Playbook for Manufacturers and Distributors eBook

Learn how today's most profitable manufacturers monitor and measure what drives their success. This e-book covers the 14 most important KPIs for modern manufacturers, divided into manufacturing KPIs, inventory KPIs, and Quality KPIs.

6 Critical Trends for Manufacturers and Distributors Whitepaper

Digitization, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud ERP, mobile ERP, business process management -- how will these and other technologies impact the businesses in today's manufacturing and distribution space?

10 Questions Manufacturers & Distributors Should Ask During ERP Selection Whitepaper

Why ERP systems for manufacturing companies need to offer more. Which 10 criteria are most important to manufacturers and distributors. What an experienced software provider should contribute to your success and much more!

ERP System Evaluation Blueprint

Download this helpful step-by-step guide to tackling the ERP selection process. Developed with abas ERP 30 years experience in helping companies like yours succeed.

Case Studies

Learn how companies like ChromaScape, Beckwood, Q-Tech, and more partnered with abas ERP. 

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