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Warehouse Management app

The abas Warehouse Management app streamlines your inventory management, shipping and receiving all in one convenient, cross-platform mobile app. Barcode scanning is a key component of the app that speeds inventory processes and eliminates data errors.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
 Mobile Inventory Management


Cross Platform Flexibility:

Our apps are built with cross-platform coding, so they contain all the same features and easy-to-use design on Apple, Android and Windows devices.

No internet? No problem:

abas ERP apps work in disconnected mode for nearly all functions, including data creation, editing, searching and viewing. If the internet goes down or you find yourself out of bars, abas apps allow you and your team to keep working on their phones, laptops and tablets, then sync any new or edited data when you’re back online.

Data volume and speed:

The abas apps are designed for speed, even when dealing with large volumes of data. Whether you’re processing 300 or 3,000 sales orders a day, abas apps will not only keep up, but help you improve your efficiency.

Bring Your Own Device:

With abas apps, your team can work on the hardware they’re used to, which means an easier learning curve and more intuitive user experience. This includes phones, tablets, and even laptops / desktops.

Full integration with your ERP:

The abas apps fully and seamlessly integrate into abas ERP, so everything you do is synced with your master ERP system.

Sand boxing:

Unlike traditional ERP software, which often gives users access to all or many features in a massive system, abas apps allow you to give employees access to only the specific functions they need for their job, such as CRM or Inventory. This reduces training time -- especially in high-turnover organizations -- and reduces the risk of human error affecting your ERP data.



The receiving function of the abas Warehouse Management app helps you save time and work efficiently by allowing you to receive and manage purchase receipts in abas ERP from your mobile device.

  • Receive and manage purchase orders in abas from your mobile device.
  • View pending purchase orders you have in your system.
  • Scan products you want to receive for certain purchase orders.
  • Reduce manual labor with the ability to scan boxes and external lot numbers.
  • Data is cached for optimum speed and performance.
Stock Lookup

Stock Lookup

The stock lookup features of this abas app help you optimize your business’ inventory processes and are available on any mobile device or computer. It gives users the ability to manage and modify inventory in separate locations, lists all of the locations that have stock for a particular part, and can transfer parts from one location to the next.

  • Check stock levels, search for available parts based on location, and transfer parts from one location to the next.
  • Adjust receipts to add or edit products that are listed incorrectly.
  • Shipping

    The shipping function of the abas Warehouse Management app allows real-time updating of shipping orders, a critical data processing feature for large-volume manufacturers and distributors.

    • Quickly post packing slips and/or stage items for shipping.
    • Option to pick more than one packing slip at a time.
    • Easily view all outstanding orders for shipping.
    mobile shipping
  • Barcode Scanning

    Data integrity is key to your organization’s success, and using the barcode scanning included in the abas Warehouse Management app is a great way to not only keep data accurate, but also improve your efficiency and speed.

    • Integrated barcode scanning feature supports several of the most popular scanning devices in the industry.
    • Long-range scanning options available.
    • Barcode scanning feature eliminates errors that can occur when manually inputting data.
    • Native camera feature can be used for organizations
    • without barcode scanners.
    Barcode scanner
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