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Quotation Management

Quotation management is the tool that kicks off the sales process by allowing multiple facets of your company to identify potential leads, and prepare for the forecasting of those sales in production. You can use quotation management to gather as much information about a prospect as possible, as well as identify what their needs are. This allows you to determine how deeply you want to segment them and what functional areas you need to focus on based on their characteristics.

The abas quotation management tool helps to improve your sales forecasting by projecting when a customer will place an order and how it will affect your financials, allowing you to prepare your production processes accordingly.

Get Your Copy - Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Quotation Management


More accurate estimates:
Allows you to build a unique quote for a product that doesn’t exist in your system to gather an accurate estimate.
Identifies potential leads and their requirements
Improved projections:
Helps you predict with more accuracy when a customer will place an order to improve your sales forecasting, including seasonal customers.
Tracks your entire sales process

One-step release

With abas’ quotation management, you can easily release an opportunity into a quote or a quote directly into a sales order in one step using the release button, removing the hassle of double data entry.

One-Step release
Estimate Sheets

Estimate sheets

abas ERP’s quotation management tool contains an estimate sheet to provide a table for storing generic cost data. The estimate sheet allows you to put parts into the production list even if they don’t exist in your system currently, so you can provide customers with accurate quotes. You can do this by creating a custom product in the system for the customer, and abas will come up with an estimate that gives you an approximated cost, measure the likelihood of the availability of the product, and provide a time frame in which it will take to assemble and deliver the product. You also have the ability to insert any additional costs that may exist during the production process, such as overhead and freight, to provide an accurate quote.



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