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The increase in global competition is making it more important to keep an eye on costs at all times. In purchasing, price, quality and delivery time are crucial factors for success. With flexible price calculations, you can negotiate appropriate conditions with your vendors. You can also reduce costs by implementing an efficient ordering process and maintaining the lowest stock levels necessary to ensure availability. Continuous vendor evaluation will help you ensure quality and delivery reliability.

From RFQs to purchase order suggestions, purchase orders, the entry of goods receipts and invoice verification, purchase order processing supports continuous and integrated activity processing and is the central component of abas ERP.

Purchasing process

Download - "Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps" Whitepaper
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps
Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps


Integrated ordering processes

Benefit from fully integrated ordering processes without duplicate data entry – from RFQs, blankets, purchase order suggestions and purchase orders, and goods receipts, to invoice verification.

Evaluate purchasing efficiency

Evaluate key figures based on price trends, batch sizes, procurement costs and vendor complaints, and optimize your purchasing efficiency.

Assess vendors accurately

Which vendors are reliable? Identify vendor risks and delays to be able to take swift action.

Better understanding of your true procurement costs

Keep track your procurement costs based on raw material prices and additional costs.

Keep track of costs

Record purchasing costs and allocate your expenditure accurately to determine prices and discounts for quotations, orders and purchase orders, as well as identify trends in raw material prices and material groups.

Control procurement effectively

Strategically manage your procurement processes and vendor relationships with custom solutions to increase productivity in all areas.

Efficient reporting

Analyze your purchasing activities, and evaluate invoices, packing slips and purchase orders quickly and easily.


Procurement costs with the detail you need

Procurement can be performed on an order, project or requirement basis with controllable default values. You are given a quick overview of the status of procurement -- purchasing and production. You can see the full detail of the development of procurement costs, including manufacturing, raw material, and additional costs.


Cost reductions through vendor integration

abas ERP offers you efficient support in vendor management. Using the vendor file, you can quickly evaluate the current situation of a vendor. This visibility of information simplifies decision making and offers direct access to all ongoing processes, procurement suggestions and activities of the vendor. Likewise, notes and archived documents from the document management system are also visible in the vendor file. This provides the ideal basis for managing your vendor relationships. Vendor integration and renegotiation can therefore help you reduce costs.

Central management of purchasing

Users can manage all purchasing processes from the Purchasing Center information system. The purchasing processes from quotation to invoice are processed, viewed and created here. You can select, create, release or process current or already archived purchasing processes according to different criteria. By connecting to information systems such as sales activities, plan chart, procurement status or warehouse stock, you can access specific information with the click of a button.

Product File

Product file

The Product File collects all important information about a particular product and presents it in chart form in a single view.

Purchase order processing

Purchase order processing is the central component of purchasing. Purchase order suggestions are generated in scheduling by the net requirements determination or when stock levels fall below their minimum. The purchase order suggestions are then implemented in purchase orders. Like sales, blanket orders with vendors can also be processed in purchasing. These relate to particular products and contain defined delivery schedule quantities, scale prices, and discounts. By defining specific delivery schedule quantities, you can conveniently order all required products within a specified period of time.

Purchase order processing is linked to financial accounting and cost accounting for each purchase order item via the allocation of cost centers, cost objects, and account assignments. You can create purchase order suggestions manually or select and sort them directly in the dialog, according to any criteria, such as vendors, products, planners/buyers, warehouse groups, or due dates. You can adjust quantities, prices and due dates. Also, the main vendor suggested by the system can be replaced by a different vendor in the purchase order suggestion. The purchase order suggestions are released and then automatically converted into purchase orders.


Purchasing overview

The purchasing overview displays all relevant information for the buyer in one view. Each processor has a role-based overview of all assigned activities. They can analyze their activities over a specific period and click to toggle to different applications to perform additional actions, such as processing purchase orders.

Purchasing Overview

Make sound purchasing decisions

In abas ERP, you can easily create RFQs to vendors and transmit these electronically using EDI. A quotation comparison that measures prices, delivery times and conditions can help you to make sound purchasing decisions. Once you have selected a provider, you can automatically generate a purchase order from the RFQ.

Order/project-related procurement

Materials and assemblies can be uniquely assigned and are reserved for a specific order or project. Procurement is triggered by order-related scheduling.


Goods receipts

Goods receipt in abas ERP takes into account complete deliveries, partial deliveries, surplus deliveries and shortfall deliveries. You can also create collective packing slips. After the goods have been received, they are allocated automatically to the default receipt location. A receipt entry to a quality control warehouse or consignment warehouse is also possible. In the event of a complaint, you can easily trigger an immediate return delivery. Quality control is carried out when the goods are received or after entering the physical condition of the product. You can also connect external QA solutions. Goods receipt and invoice verification are linked to financial accounting, cost accounting and warehouse management. 

Easy purchase order management

In Purchase Order Management, you can enter purchase orders directly, adopt them from an RFQ, or generate them from the purchase order suggestions created by the system. You can also order one-time parts that have not been created in the master data file. A description of the one-time parts is allocated to the purchase order item. The purchase order is also the basis for the later account assignment of the incoming invoice. You can assign cost centers and cost objects to a purchase order item. If you want to add more information, each purchase order item can be supplemented by texts of any length, and drawings can also be linked.

Blanket orders/contracts

Acceptance agreements can be made within a specific time period from the basis of vendor-related blanket orders or contracts. In abas ERP, blanket orders/contracts are managed independently of the purchase orders, which will then form the outstanding blanket orders. 

Cumulative quantities (already delivered quantities or released quantities) and the remaining stock of each product are managed in the blanket orders. This means that you have a full overview and control of your vendor agreements at all times.

  • Automatic purchase order suggestions

    abas ERP automatically generates purchase order suggestions from new or existing BOMs. Your buyers can release the purchase order suggestions to various vendors in a single step.

    Automatic Purchase Order Suggestions
  • Automate procurement processes

    abas ERP identifies requirements and automatically generates purchase order suggestions, which include the quantity to be purchased and the required delivery date.

    Procurement Process
  • Simplification of work

    Your purchasing department has access to an overview of all open purchase order suggestions. Here, you can convert individual or multiple suggestions into purchase orders in one simple step.

    PO Suggestions
  • Manage and compare bidding processes

    You can create RFQs for a purchase order suggestion, then manage and compare the options during the bidding process. Once you’ve selected a bid, you can trigger the purchase order directly from the bidding process, then archive the process with all of the received RFQs.

    POS From Suggestions
  • Faster and more secure further processing

    The direct conversion of purchase order suggestions into purchase orders saves time and avoids errors caused through duplicate data entry.

    Released PO
  • Goods management and stock control

    You can define minimum stock levels for all products in order to generate automatic purchase order suggestions when the inventory in stock falls below a certain level.

    Receipt of PO


You use the relocation suggestions function to evaluate relocation requirements when transferring products from one warehouse to another. You can decide which items in a table you want to relocate and which are to remain in the present location. Then you set the criteria that should be used for the selection. Details of a relocation suggestion can be seen by double-clicking a table row.

Purchasing delivery reliability report

With the purchasing delivery reliability report, you can assess vendors based on the confirmed delivery date and agreed purchase order quantity. You can refine delivery reliability by time, vendor or client. The report is based on the number of deliveries recorded through packing slips. Delivery date reliability shows the percentage of deliveries that arrived early, just in time, or late based on the confirmed delivery date. Delivery quantity reliability shows the percentage of deliveries that were under-delivered, delivered in full or overdelivered on the basis of the original order quantity.


Pricing made easy

Accurate costing is essential to determining the correct price of a product. The key lies in striking a balance between setting a price that is high enough to generate income, but low enough to attract customers. With the right price, you can maximize your profit. This makes pricing an important business decision.

abas ERP actively assists you with pricing in purchasing and sales, as well as determining price and discount suggestions for quotations, orders and purchase orders. Furthermore, you can set individual prices and fix them in the master data records using the pricing function. The prices/discounts information system easily delivers all important information. Each customer quickly receives a customized quotation that is based on a reliable calculation.



Manage subcontracting and supplies

You use the subcontracting (external production) function to manage the processing of semi-finished products and those supplied by subcontractors. The abas ERP system creates subcontracting suggestions, which can be used to generate service purchase orders. Provided parts are easily determined and sent to the subcontractor for processing. You can change subcontracting to internal production at short notice in the editable order production list. This makes it possible to manage make-or-buy decisions instantaneously.

Supplies are transferred from the production list for the ordered part, and can be amended for the purchase order using the editable subcontracting list. In the parts master, you define a vendor-based lead time for provided parts. This determines how many working days prior to the delivery date the provided part needs to be with the vendor.

Manage forecast delivery schedules

abas ERP creates release orders and sends them to the vendors via EDI. Purchase order suggestions from scheduling can be clearly viewed and easily converted into forecast delivery schedule orders.

All vendors with outstanding deliveries are clearly displayed in the delivery reminders information system and can be grouped together under a specified date, or displayed with a flexible date. If needed, the ERP system automatically creates reminders for deliveries that have not been made.

ABC analysis for decision-making support

You use the ABC analysis to classify the items in your product range. The evaluation is based on a comparison of stock quantity to value. The analysis assumes that bulk goods are cheap and easy to procure, while higher value goods are expensive and relatively difficult to procure. Data is evaluated for each warehouse group. Only stock issues in the stock movement journal are analyzed. Additionally, the ABC parts are broken down into percentages and displayed in a pie chart. The values for the corresponding A, B and C parts are displayed in a bar chart.

Business intelligence for purchasing

You can use the standard BI reports for Purchasing to analyze your activities involving various vendors, economic areas and different product ranges.

See: Business Intelligence and Analytics/Business Intelligence for more info. 

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