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If your business has several geographically dispersed manufacturing or distribution facilities or facilities that vary operationally with different production capabilities, you may need multi-site functionality in your ERP system. abas ERP provides a variety of convenient features and functions that assist in serving multi-site manufacturing organizations.

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Seamless integration across your facilities:
Robust functionality for supporting organizations with multiple locations.
Flexible processes:
Operate with one ERP system or multiple depending on your needs.
Optimize your data:
Ability to select the data and fields you want to synchronize.
Connect your network
True supply-chain planning across multiple companies.
Operate from anywhere:
Mobile functionality supports and coordinates many remote team members using functionality in your ERP system.

Distribution Requirements Planning

One of these features is distribution requirements planning, or DRP, which allows you to automate tasks across multiple locations, including multiple steps in the manufacturing and distribution process, creating a true supply chain. For example, if you are running a production facility in Los Angeles and a distribution center in North Carolina, you could use abas to automate the replenishment of low inventory.

Mobile ERP for easing complexity

abas’ extensive set of mobile apps for sales, warehouse management, and time keeping – all of which automatically sync with the master data in abas – help make multi-site organizations run smoother. Our mobile apps cover a wide spectrum of ERP activities and include mobile versions of delivery, CRM, cycle count, inventory management, time clock, point of sale, and service, giving your staff the ability to interface with your ERP system from wherever they are.

  • Master Data Synchronization

    When you have separate servers running abas across multiple locations, or when your data is stored on separate partitions of the same database, abas provides master data synchronization, which syncs selected parts of your data between companies on a schedule or in near-real time. See the Master Data Synchronization section for more details.

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Defining multiple sites within one instance of abas

Within one abas ERP instance, you have the ability to define multiple sites. This groups together key data or processes such as inventory, production and purchasing, so that you can keep track of everything for that site in one place without running a separate ERP instance. For more details on this, see Inter-Company Planning.



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