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Liquidity Planning

Liquidity planning supports cash forecasting and planning, which helps to secure both your liquidity and solvency. Starting from the current liquidity level, outstanding items from purchasing and sales and all delivery and invoice commitments are added or deducted and spread over the selectable time scale. In addition, special receipts and payments can be planned, lines of credit included, and interest calculations taken into consideration. 

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Liquidity Planning in abas ERP


Manage liquidity and solvency:
Supports financial planning to help you secure liquidity.
Plan accordingly:
Can include purchase order and subcontracting suggestions from purchasing.
Supports manual entry and recurring payments
Capitalize on projections:
Allows you to compare configurable due date scenarios to one another.
Liquidity planning

Liquidity planning and purchasing

You can choose to take into account purchase order and subcontracting suggestions from purchasing. The payable sales tax from outstanding items and commitments is also calculated. If you have entered lines of credit or loans, the interest due on these for use or overdrafts will be calculated.

  • Ensure liquidity

    Liquidity Planning in abas ERP helps you proactively plan your capital and ensure solvency.

    Compare due date scenarios

    abas ERP enables you to compare multiple possible scenarios with one another, such as "Best Case" and "Worst Case".

    Liquidity Planning worst case scenario

Payment scenarios

The manual entry of one-off or recurring payment events, such as planned investments, is also supported, as this enables all of the cash inflows and outflows relevant to liquidity to be taken into account. The configurable due date scenarios, such as best case or worst case, allow several possible scenarios to be compared to one another. You can choose to take into account real customer payment behavior in these scenarios rather than the agreed payment terms.



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