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Vice President
Since joining abas USA in 2002, Marko has put customers first. Marko began his career with abas in college when he interned for abas AG in Germany. Years later, Marko worked with Alan to start a USA branch of abas. Marko now runs the logistics side of the company, consulting with customers on a daily basis, conducting trainings, providing support, and working with the product development team. Marko also devotes his time to ensuring that product documentation is up to date, and leads consultants in providing customers with solutions that will help them get the most out of their ERP software.

If you like work that is challenging, interesting and constantly changing, abas USA is the right place for you.

North American Headquarters

Photo of the abas USA office

abas ERP's North American Headquarters

abas USA

About abas USA

abas USA is the abas ERP software partner serving customers across the United States and Canada. Established in 2002 by seasoned ERP professionals, abas USA focuses on several primary sectors, custom manufacturing, automotive supply, industrial machinery, electronics and fabrication & assembly. We also serve customers in the distribution, metal fabrication, biomedical and process Industries.