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Vincent Lin
General Manger
As General Manager for TA YA Canvas in Shanghai, China, Vincent likes abas because it is fast and highly efficient. He says that using abas helps his team plan their business strategy and makes data traceability achievable. "abas ERP helps us to set upward strategic objectives and downward management objectives," he says.

I feel that abas has a very flexible team, they are willing to listen to the users.

TAYA Canvas

TAYA Canvas in Shanghai, is an extension of TAYA Canvas Corporation in Taiwan, which was founded in 1989. They are a professional manufacturer and exporter specializing in PVC coated and laminated tarpaulin. Their products focus on truck covers, tents, advertising billboards, banner flags, swimming pools, inflatable materials for boats and toys, treadmills and multi-purpose covers. Their products can be produced in with waterproof, fireproof, anti-static and printable formats, which offer protection against environmental and chemical damage.