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Alex S
Director – Enterprise Systems
Alex joined the abas family at one of the biggest abas software partners in Germany back in 2005, before joining abas Software AG from 2011 to 2017, where he headed the Global Partner Management. Since 2017, he is heading the abas Division in Australia at Sinapse Pty Ltd. Sinapse is the exclusive sales and implementation partner of abas ERP for Australia and New Zealand. He says that abas is the perfect combination of conservative values like financial stability, trustworthiness, quality and long-term relationships, as well as brand-new technology, innovative concepts and strategies."

"Based in Melbourne, Alex and his team address clients in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia Pacific. "It’s incredible, how this international software solution combines the high quality and deep functional range you expect from a product invented in Germany back in 1980 with the ability to use this package world-wide with latest, brand-new technology, optionally in the cloud."

"We accomplish growth for our clients through the deep domain knowledge in the key industries we consult and years of successful internationally gained experience in introducing and enhancing abas ERP with various clients."

My Job at Sinapse is to make sure, that we support clients to turn todays and future challenges into opportunities and possible growth for our clients

European Headquarters

abas ERP's European Headquarters is located in Karlsruhe, Germany, about an hour south of Frankfurt. The office includes the global management team, ERP development activites, and many of the origanization's corporate functions. 

North American Headquarters

abas USA
45999 Center Oak Plaza
Suite 150
Sterling, VA20166