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Alex S
International Partner Manager
Alex joined the abas family working for a abas software partner in 2005, and began working for abas Software AG in 2011. He says that abas is the perfect combination of conservative values, like financial stability, trustworthiness, quality and long-term relationships, combined with modern values, concepts and ideas.

In his role, Alex works on developing abas ERP in Karlsruhe, Germany. "My Job as the international partner manager is to support our partners in strategic and political decisions and to define common goals and facilitate cooperation."
Alex says that abas is a dynamic, international group. "We need need open-minded people who would like to work for an international company. abas is very quality driven so we need good people, who take quality seriously." He describes the welcoming environment of the company: "The 'abas family' refers to the personal, warm relationships many of us have among each other. This starts with butter pretzels or cake shared in our coffee corners, cooking lunch together or having company events like a summer - or christmas party, etc."

I’ve been with abas for close to 10 years, and I never regret it. I support people around the globe, which can be challenging, but it's what I like.

European Headquarters

abas ERP's European Headquarters is located in Karlsruhe, Germany, about an hour south of Frankfurt. The office includes the global management team, ERP development activites, and many of the origanization's corporate functions. 

North American Headquarters

abas USA
45999 Center Oak Plaza
Suite 150
Sterling, VA20166