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Why choose abas ERP? Because your production line deserves...

You production line deserves abas ERP

Better product information

To deliver custom goods over an ever-shrinking lead time, sales representatives and shop workers require an enterprise resource planning system with full CAD integration. Why? So they spend less time and energy getting the latest work order off the ground. CAD-enabled abas ERP breaks down a customer's schematics or spreadsheets into actionable data points and reroutes the information through the appropriate channels.

Start tracking a Bill of Materials (BOM) with field mapping tools long before the first screw is tightened. Ensure shop staff have the bandwidth to take on large incoming projects right from the get go. Got a subassembly that needs outsourcing? abas ERP will help connect you with the right vendor for any job. Best of all, the end-to-end integration of abas ERP keeps everyone connected in real time, so production fires on all cylinders.

More accurate inventory data

Nothing hurts productivity quite like an unkempt inventory. When engineers can't find the stock they need exactly when they need it, production comes to a full stop. Moreover, items damaged in transit or due to on-site disorganization detract from profitability, artificially inflate inventory spend and may even compromise quality should that buggy component sneak into a custom build unnoticed.

abas ERP will help connect you with the right vendor for any job

Production teams ought to know everything going in and coming out of inventory, so customers never wait on replenishment. Inventory management modules through abas ERP track every barcode, log disposition in real time and alert stakeholders when numbers drop too low.

Uninterrupted uptime

Many manufacturers leverage big data to predict and preempt equipment failures. But to address small mechanical deficiencies before they snowball out of control, maintenance teams need to schedule a time to take the offending assets offline without disturbing productivity.

abas ERP's advanced scheduling modules allow shop workers and repair crews to collaborate and pick a perfect time for a tune-up with help from work order sequencing and asset availability monitoring.

Visibility across the supply chain

Supply management is a balancing act between your business and its vendors. Procurement officers must not only manage past purchase orders, unit pricing and shipping details; they also lobby for more cost-effective and streamlined service with suppliers.

Extended supply chain portals created through abas ERP automate the data tracking and storage process based around established limits. The system then places it all in an agile, user-friendly interface. The result? Procurement teams can use big data to their advantage without being mired in it.

Big-picture planning capabilities

When you get right down to it, people choose abas ERP for the sake of simplicity. ERP can be an unrewarding and exhaustive process if businesses lack the problem-solving tools to reduce its complexity. Nowhere is that more evident than on the production line. How are you supposed to meet tomorrow's demand if you're too bogged down with yesterday's unresolved issues?

To that end, abas ERP helps decision-makers build the production processes of their dreams, ones that help ready their companies for the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an abas representative today!


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