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Why choose abas ERP? Because your industry deserves...

Neden abas ERP’yi seçmelisiniz? Çünkü sektörünüz bunu hak ediyor…

To be competitive in an international marketplace

As your industry creates more and more connections, your audience will grow across state lines, traverse boundaries and stretch around the globe. New markets bring in new business, but they also test industries, forcing them operate in ways outside their comfort zones. Nevertheless, the smartest industry leaders know confronting the challenges of international commerce is well worth the effort and the risk.

However, when businesses choose abas ERP to help create a name for themselves the world over, they save the effort and cut the risk. How? With real-time data management and full integration spanning not just departments but oceans and continents. Even in unfamiliar territory, abas ERP will keep you responsive to the needs of your customers and partners wherever they live and work. That means treating them to the same quality of service as you would your next-door neighbors. abas ERP makes that possible.

Complete visibility into every connection

No matter what sector you operate in, communication is imperative - between you and your clients, you and your vendors and especially within the business. When industries go global, things like expanded lead times, supply chain accountability and higher material shipping costs can convolute operations and ultimately detract from the gains sought after in growth.

That is, unless your ERP system gives you the x-ray vision needed to analyze every granular detail to its fullest and in real time, be it a complicated customer order, a contractual discrepancy with a vendor or a unique opportunity that requires decisive leadership right in the moment. abas ERP can give you that power.

Moreover, abas ERP is fluent in several languages and currencies, making it the ideal tool for businesses without borders. So, whether the your industry's leaders and workers speak Mandarin, German, English or Spanish, no one is left out of the loop.

Mobility and the Internet of Things

Your industry can't treat today's technology like superfluous gadgetry. Smartphones, tablets, internet-connected devices and sensors have the power to engage a new generation of workers, reduce operational costs, improve productivity and extend the life cycle of the assets you rely on most.

abas ERP mobile apps put the power of your entire ERP system in the palm of your hand

That said, wise investors look for proof of value before putting their money on the line. Without comprehensive data management and networking capabilities behind enterprise and industrial mobility, returns on these investments would be severely limited, perhaps unattainable.

abas ERP mobile apps put the power of your entire ERP system in the palm of your hand and a secure connection between you and your master data. Manage inventory from wherever your inventory is, check out your remote assets with valuable data on hand or simply unchain yourself from your desk. Mobility means your industry decides how to work.

Honest-to-goodness future​-proofing

Of course, what about the next big thing? Will abas ERP help your industry adapt to whatever tomorrow brings without missing a beat?

Absolutely. Our world-class engineers wouldn't have it any other way. They built our software so it's customizable, flexible and openly compatible with everything we have in store for the future of ERP. Tailor your ideal system now and, as the abas ERP product line evolves, add the modules that keep you in step with progress.

Change may be the only constant, but let abas ERP show you and your industry it's a close second. If you have any questions, please contact one of our abas representatives today!


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