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Why choose abas ERP? Because your financials deserve...

choose abas because your financials deserve better


Let's face it: Accounting is a complex discipline. Unfortunately, the more foreign your finances are to you and your team, the greater the risk of mistakes and misjudgments unbalancing your books and causing trouble with customers.

Restructuring your finances with straightforward abas ERP modules takes the mystery out of your money. Track expenses, evaluate vendor pricing at a glance, monitor asset depreciation, collaborate with other departments and centralize all your financial data onto a single integrated system accessible anywhere. Best of all, do all of these things with confidence thanks to your user-friendly ERP.

Real-time data

The best way to make informed decisions about spending and future investments is to know the exact shape of your finances. Not yesterday, not last month but today, right here, right now. In order to create a reliable up-to-the-minute financial overview, however, you'll need complete collaboration with every department in your organization that impacts finances. Guess what? That's everybody.

Thankfully, collaboration is what abas ERP does best. Users can program abas ERP to form automated connected channels between once-disparate departments. Updates in one field trigger others across the system, ensuring every order, expense and shipment immediately refreshes the financial pipeline.

A higher bottom line

Simply put, accounting is a constant battle between what you spend and what you earn. Without transparency into both, you could miss out on opportunities to save or pass up on a worthwhile investment because you're worried you can't justify the expense.

Drill-down capabilities in abas ERP leave no financial stone unturned. Explore accounts receivable, accounts payable and everything in between. Strengthen customer retention by always having sales information at the ready when your clients inquire. Easily coordinate with every department to cut operating expenses. Do everything it takes to boost that bottom line without overextending yourself or your team.


In a world of hard numbers, flexibility isn't traditionally a trait you would want from your accounting. After all, accuracy is everything. Company finances built on rough estimates are flawed from the start.

abas ERP users can design and redesign their software to reflect exactly what they want to see when they want to see it

That said, how you manage your finances must always maintain a state of pliability to respond to shifting markets and evolving business objectives. How quickly can you convert financial intelligence into action with your current ERP software?

abas ERP users can design and redesign their software to reflect exactly what they want to see when they want to see it. Add modules to expand your capabilities, customize your dashboard with all the right visuals and record all important documentation virtually to avoid drowning in a sea of invoices and receipts.

It's time to stop treating your finances like a chore. Choose abas ERP and simplify your accounting practices for faster, deeper and more actionable financial insight. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact an abas representative today!


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