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Why choose abas ERP? Because your employees deserve...

Do more for your employees with abas ERP

Real-time collaboration through integration
When your employees are behind the curve, so is your business. You know the old expression: A day late, a dollar short. So, why push your workers to depend on stale, static data?

Real-time data capabilities keep everybody up to speed. And because abas ERP is a fully integrated business-wide solution, up-to-the-minute information moves seamlessly between departments with zero hassles or hang-ups.

Less data re-entry
Transposing data manually is more arduous than you might think. Repetitive data entry squanders your employees' potential and invites logging errors that could upend productivity.

Give their fingers a break by switching to abas ERP. When all your systems are seamlessly connected, critical data is available throughout your enterprise, without re-entry, and autocomplete tools help populate fields automatically based on past entries. Let the computers fill in blanks, so your employees spend more time strategizing and less sweating the small stuff.

Answers at their fingertips
After poring over spreadsheets day in day out, employees might start to feel like they're trying to pull business intelligence from an abstract painting. It's not their fault. "Spreadsheet fatigue" affects even the best of us - unless, of course, your employees send their data through endlessly customizable abas ERP dashboards. Visualizations transform indecipherable data into easily understood analysis tailored to address your company's goals.

Time away from their desks
A change of scenery is good for the mind and for operations, so long as you have the mobility to back it up. Smartphones, tablets, wearables, sensors, all paired with the Internet of Things, have officially unshackled the modern employee from the desktop terminal.

abas mobile apps bring the full functionality of abas ERP to your touch screen. Perfect for the shop floor, the sales floor, the stockroom, the back office and everywhere in between.

More fun
Fun? At work? What a novel idea.

Employees can only keep their noses to their respective grindstones for so long. It's time to treat your staff like the talented bunch of individuals they are. When you eliminate unnecessary work and establish a culture of collaboration with the technology you onboard, you give your employees the greatest gift a boss could give: the opportunity to be a human.

Give your employees what they deserve, and take the first step by downloading our free e-book: Unbounded Manufacturing to help you select the right ERP system.


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