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Why choose abas ERP? Because your customers deserve...

your customers deserve what they want, when they want it

An easier ordering process

Custom manufacturing orders are a lot like airplanes: If the front end is too overloaded, there's no way anything gets off the ground.

To initiate an order, a sales representative must receive a request, match clients with engineers to draft solutions by hand, corroborate the specifications against the customer's needs, adjust schematics accordingly, check inventory for available components, etc. By the time the manufacturer finally tabulates a quote, customers might be having second thoughts. And who would blame them?

All-in-one sales tools like abas ERP's Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology have the power to greatly accelerate the conversion process. CPQ software contains all the pertinent information engineers would normally supply their clients, such as rates, packaged in a user-friendly interface sales reps can utilize with confidence. Additionally, CPQ minimizes the risk of supplementary costs associated with procurement. After all, because CPQ software integrates completely with abas ERP, sales reps can pull data from inventory regarding necessary components and even trigger replenishment as soon as possible, further streamlining the ordering process.

CPQ minimizes the risk of supplementary costs associated with procurement

Better still, CPQ technology visualizes the build before the customers' eyes as it undergoes initial processing. In the end, customers know exactly what they're getting and what they're paying for without worrying about all the run-around and unmet expectations.

To get what they want when they want it

Customers place a lot of trust in your business, so they are entitled to a little peace of mind when they need it. While you may want to give your clients the freedom to check on the progress of a recent order, allotting the resources to do so may be overwhelming. Around-the-clock hotlines drain productivity, especially when every phone needs an ear and a hardline to any and all pertinent processing data a customer might request.

abas ERP's Customer Portal puts real-time information right in the hands of your clients: order progress, invoices, purchasing histories, contracts and build photography, as well as fields for inputting important shipping data or negotiating price. Customers can even customize their portal to display the information they always want and filter out everything else.

Better after-sales support

Customer service doesn't stop at the point of delivery; for the highest customer retention rates, businesses need a battle plan for after-sales support. Far too often, customers with issues are thrown by the wayside, either because of account mismanagement or a simple case of disorganization. Don't fall into the same traps.

Because abas ERP acts as a fully integrated, company-wide solution, it centralizes all incoming customer information no matter which department receives it. Let's say, for example, a customer received his or her goods, but they arrived late. With the right ERP configuration in place, a sales representative can input the data, and the billing department will automatically receive a notification asking it to credit the customer for the difference immediately. Additionally, an automated inquiry goes to the distribution wing to get to the bottom of the issue, thus avoiding future complications.

All these connections between once-disparate departments serve a single purpose: to deliver the most responsive, data-driven customer service imaginable. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our abas representatives today!


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