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Score big with an abas ERP implementation team

Score big with an abas ERP implementation team

Choosing an ERP product is easy enough - we highly suggest abas ERP - but implementation can be tricky, especially when your standard business operations, deadlines and production volumes are all barreling down at you like a trio of 250-lbs linebackers.

What your business needs is a team strong enough, smart enough and efficient enough to put your implementation process on the offensive. Ladies and gentlemen… meet the abas Implementers!

Coaches know the game better than anyone.

Coaches know the game better than anyone.

Coach - Team Leader

Basil, your team leader

Basil, team leader, manages a team of consultants to drive the implementations of numerous projects and provides logistical expertise.

Coaches do stand on the sidelines, but they're the ones with the most skin in the game. The same is true for team leaders - as overseers of the steering committee, team leaders manage the broad scope of implementation projects, build the scaffolding of what will become a fully integrated ERP network and make the tough calls when somebody has to.

Quarterback - Project Manager

Joe, your project coordinator

Joe, senior logistics consultant, is responsible for managing projects, leading implementations, and being the point of contact for all logistics questions and mapping decisions.

So, if the team leaders manage from afar, who can businesses trust to lead in the fray? Project managers are your on-site specialists tasked with coordinating with abas implementation teams as well as your in-house talent. Talk about a home-field advantage.

PMs also keep the channels of communication open between all members, document progress and make tweaks to the process if issues arise, all with one eye on the clock to ensure your implementation doesn't run into overtime. These captains don't quit - with guidance from team leaders, they call the shots from kickoff to the final whistle.

Running back - Technology Consultant

John, your technology consultant

John, senior techincal consultant, is responsible for your technical configurations and making sure the software meets your needs.

Who says geeks can't play ball? Technology consultants receive handoffs from PMs and set the ball in motion. These experts are all about pushing your ERP network to its limit. Sometimes that means making small yardage to achieve functional process flow or first-down gains that sculpt your ERP system into the mature, multifaceted integrated tool you've always wanted.

Logistics coordinators never drop the ball.

Logistics consultants never drop the ball.

Receivers - Logistics and Finance Consultants

Matthew, your logistics coordinator    Stevency, your finance consultant

Matthew, logistics consultant, will help customers get their abas software and applications up and running quickly and efficiently. Stevency, finance consultant, helps customers resolve their financial issues and have a successful year-end close.

Logistics and finance consultants navigate around obstacles that typically slow down most other ERP implementations and move the ball downfield, shortening the distance between you and the goal line. These members map out system specifications, train your employees on the software, listen to team input and execute on any changes that need to be made.

Got a Hail Mary idea for how to customize your ERP that's just crazy enough to work? Run it by logistics coordinators and they'll help you realize your vision.

Special teams - Sales

Joe, your sales guy

Joe works with customers to gather their feedback about abas ERP and make sure the software is meeting their needs.

Like any football game, it all starts with a kickoff return. Once the abas sales force receives your request for an on-site implementation, they collect valuable information and relay everything to the PM and the rest of the abas team.

Are you hoping to integrate with abas ERP but feel outmanned? The abas Implementers won't just give you a pregame pep talk - they'll stick with you every step of the way until your ERP system has you cheering.


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