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The right ERP software is like the perfect holiday party

ERP is like a good holiday party

Ah, the holiday party - after a year of hard work, long hours and tight deadlines, nothing else hits the spot like an evening of carousing with friends, family and colleagues.

But before you don your hilarious holiday cardigan, we'd like to make a bold statement: You don't have to wait another 365 days to experience merriment. You can have similar warm feelings every working day of 2017, 2018 and beyond.

How? Maybe the smell of gingerbread and the holiday music have gotten to us, but we at abas think that when ERP is done right, your days can be fun and rewarding all year round.

No shortage of helping hands

Party planning is not everyone's forte. Some people don't mind unknotting twinkle lights or hanging ornaments - they might even get an odd thrill from it. Some would prefer to slink into a cozy chair and put together a rockin' holiday playlist. And who can blame them?

Holiday greetings from abas

Decorating takes a keen eye and so does implementing ERP.

But that's the best part of celebrating this time of year: Everyone pitches in. Many hands, they say, make light work.

On a similar note, not everyone is an ERP expert. That's why abas offers the services of a rockstar implementation team to help get your new ERP venture underway, customize it as needed and train staff on how to take full advantage of every feature. Don't just invest in an ERP product and cross your fingers. You'll end up with a spent technology budget and little to no improvement over the status quo. Even worse, doing so could seriously derail operations, confuse your staff and upset your client base. Why not bring in ERP consultants to do all the dirty work while you relax and let the party come to you?

Sharing with those you don't normally spend time with

Think back on holiday parties past. What made the most successful ones such a delight? Probably the times you reconnected with the most people, right?

Holiday chitchat might not be ERP's wheelhouse, but enterprise communication certainly is. Even those businesses that consider themselves "silo-less" may still restrict connections between their departments with disparate data management systems. Instead, a single, fully integrated ERP network links your finance professionals with your logistics specialists, your sales team with the wizards in your IT department. Everyone sees the information they need to do their job effectively. Everyone shares insights completely, effortlessly and with help from automated presets. No missed connections. No maybe-next-years. Get every update the second it develops. Your business can run like a lively holiday party.

Business leaders can't let a fear of change prevent them from adopting innovations.

Presents! Presents! Presents!

Who're we kidding? We can rant and rave all we want about the simple joys of community and brotherly love and what not, but whose heart doesn't skip a beat at the sight of a gift-wrapped goodie with their name on it?

Custom manufacturers, industrial machinists, electronics developers and metal fabricators should feel the same glee when they integrate new technology into their production lines and ancillary operations. A complex and unrewarding onboarding process, however, will make anyone feel like the kid who broke his brand-new toy mere minutes after unwrapping it.

Business leaders can't let a fear of change prevent them from adopting innovations that will completely revolutionize their industries. Truly modern ERP makes incorporating and exploiting the latest tech a frictionless affair. And in the end, adaptation through innovation is a gift you ultimately pass onto your customers through higher quality and top-of-the-line service.

'Tis the season to turn off your work brain

We've had some fun here today, but we know you never really stop thinking about ways to improve your business. We here at abas constantly pore over new ways to make abas ERP a benefit to all sorts of industries. Just remember: You deserve a work-free holiday. So don't forget to unplug yourself from your job once you arrive at your holiday party - or parties, you social butterfly you.

From all of us to all of you, we wish you a very happy holiday and a productive new year.


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