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Reach Your KPIs with abas Shipping and Delivery

abas ERP's shipping and delivery app

The Internet of Things has arrived, and it is now more important than ever to be able to move rapidly and efficiently through your business processes. While your production environment may already be optimized with an execution and control module or integration with your current ERP system, how's your shipping and delivery's health? Rapid velocity, high quality, and real-time visibility are key performance indicators of an optimized shipping and delivery process.

Process visualization simplifies loading / unloading trucks

Process visualization makes loading and unloading trucks intuitive and fun. Drag packing slips you are loading onto the truck of your choice, and the selected packing slips will sync with your ERP system in real-time. The number and weight of packing slips loaded on the selected truck updates automatically as you load or unload. Quickly unload your truck piecemeal or with the click of a reset button if you go over the weight limit for your truck, and you are simultaneously meeting your shipping requirements and keeping up with your shipping team's rapid pace.

abas mobile shipping and delivery

A rapid, real-time platform that guarantees cross-silo communication will take your company's shipping and receiving processes to the next level.

Adjust quantities for volume variances and defects

For industries where partial shipments are common due to high volume and/or weight variances (e.g., injection molding, chemical, paper), quantities are adjusted by your shipping staff at the point of shipment so that partials are communicated back to your sales team and customer invoicing is adjusted accordingly. When a quality issue arises at shipment, your shipping team is able to adjust the shipment quantity and make a note on the sales packing slip that will notify your quality department of the missed defect to ensure immediate remediation. As the truck leaves, your shipping team marks the product's status as "In route", notifying the customer that their shipment has left the shipping location.

abas mobile ERP packing slip

Delivery route (milk run) optimization

As your truck drivers leave the distribution facility, their destination addresses are already loaded in their route lists, available for immediate delivery route optimization (milk run optimization). Upon arriving at each drop-off point, the drivers mark the packing slips as delivered, and delivery recipients are prompted to sign off on delivery. Once delivered, the packing slip is removed from the driver's list of drop-offs, and he or she continues their optimized route.

abas mobile ERP milk run optimization

Real-time route updates

If a delivery is not possible due to a no show or to not meeting customer specifications, drivers send a delivery exception in real time from the mobile app that notifies sales of the exception. If sales needs a customer to be delivered to first due to avoid late shipment delivery, delivery routes can be manually updated, allowing critical customer shipments to be delivered first, regardless of shipping route optimization. If route updates are made incorrectly, delivery route optimization can be performed to correct user error. After delivering all customer shipments, the route optimization returns the user to their next loading destination.

Shipping and receiving are potential bottleneck processes that can make or break the beginning and end of your product's distribution life cycle. A rapid, real-time platform that guarantees cross-silo communication will take your company's shipping and receiving processes to the next level. Follow our LinkedIn page for more abas white pages, and stay up to date on how you can take your business to the next level.

Find out more about abas ERP's cross platform (iOS, Android, Windows) mobile processes on our website, or request a product demo from our sales team. 

By Brady Stephenson,  CSCP, CPIM, Sr. Logistics Consultant/Project Manager at abas USA


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