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The future of serial production lies in ERP

Seri üretimde ERP'nin rolü

It may have all started with the Ford assembly line, but today all sorts of innovations redefine what mass production means. ERP is among the most important.

So how do advanced ERP solutions help keep the tradition of serial production alive while pushing industry leaders to reach new heights?

Smart supply chain management for cost-effective production

Manufacturing goods in huge volumes mitigates per-unit production costs, but not naturally. A large part of that savings mechanism revolves around how businesses invest in and utilize their raw materials based on consumers. Serious industry contenders can accurately forecast demand, order ample supplies accordingly and manage a waste-free, downtime-impervious production process.

To achieve such alignment, serial producers require a method for relaying vital data across departments and making valuable intelligence accessible from the boardroom down to the shop floor. ERP software delivers by opening channels between all the disparate departments that make up a business and encouraging effortless collaboration.

Consistency through standardization

Serial production or no serial production, customers will always expect quality and uniformity from their goods. If one day your favorite brand of ice cream tasted even slightly different, how long will it continue to be your favorite? How long before you moved onto another or stopped recommending it to friends? Word of mouth can have an incredible impact on a brand, especially in the age of the internet product review.

Consistency is key in serial production

Serial production cannot lose sight of consistency.

Unfortunately, when you manage a facility that continually turns out goods in large quantities, you stand a greater chance of creating inconsistency if you're not careful. ERP helps you turn the table on this problem. Production supervisors or quality assurance officers can set limits on certain data fields and program automated actions based on values that fall outside specification. If, for instance, the throughput for a particular piece of equipment drops too low, ERP software can notify the appropriate parties to investigate the cause, log the incident and ensure products were not adversely affected, thereby preserving brand integrity.

ERP assists businesses in establishing and adhering to a modern standardized operation procedure.

Additionally, ERP generally assists businesses in establishing and adhering to a modern standardized operation procedure. Traditionally, doing so involved a lot of time, money, administration and oversight. But with the customizable dashboards and full end-to-end integration that come with the best ERP solutions, businesses can leverage their operational data more effectively, thereby achieving and maintaining excellence with little effort and minimal overhead.

Investment in the future with more intelligent recruiting and training

Leaders from certain small-batch industries will say highly skilled technicians are worth every penny, and they're probably right. But not all businesses operate the same way they do. Others, like those under the model of serial production, do things differently. As such, they don't require workers with specialized skill sets. Instead, these companies benefit from compartmentalized teams of professionals trained on-site. That way, they retain the agency to shape their workforce around their immediate needs and capitalize on young, bright talent through recruitment whenever necessary.

These advantages aside, what serial producers save in wage costs they ought to invest in intuitive technology that simplifies the user experience. After all, operators and assembly workers should spend more of their time honing their abilities on the production line and less time logging data, checking for entry errors, manually filing reports or fruitlessly searching for vital answers.

ERP is an employee's best friend. When businesses have the power to automate rote processes, and put the full force of ERP in a worker's hands through mobile apps, everyone has the support they need to stay productive, informed and always moving forward.


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