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Brave new world: Enter Industry 4.0 confidently with abas BI

abas BI and the next era of Industry

Don't believe the hype.

Data alone doesn't make you smarter. On-premise servers or cloud storage jam-packed with information - even the hyper-relevant, real-time kind - won't make you better suited to perform your job or lead others.

True intelligence comes from how you draw on that data, relay it to others and the strength of the decisions you make as a team in light of it all.

Best-of-breed business intelligence tools tout the ability to do that now, but are they capable of evolving alongside business intelligence as it undergoes a rebirth in the age of big data, predictive analytics and Industry 4.0? Remember: It wasn't long ago that a self-populating spreadsheet was considered the pinnacle of BI. Now we know better.

As the world creates new paradigms for productivity, efficiency and connectivity, abas BI stands alone as the most intuitive decision-making solution for today's data-driven enterprise. But while it may wow users with its simplicity, abas BI is no slouch when it comes to performance. It is the high-octane engine at the heart of your enterprise resource planning operations.

Graphs industry 4.0
The abas ERP business intelligence dashboard leverages big data into actionable data.

I integrated, I conditioned, I conquered

Better grab your hard hat. The silos are coming down - and abas BI gets the first swing of the sledgehammer.

The silos are coming down - and abas BI gets the first swing of the sledgehammer.

But knocking down walls that separate data in disparate locations across an organization is only half the trouble. A 2016 survey of data scientists found nearly 80 percent of their days are spent either collecting data or conditioning it for use in analytics. Those two tasks also happen to be the least enjoyable duties. And if data scientists hate that type of work, what are the chances your IT department feels the same way? If only there were a better way to capture data, consolidate it, democratize it and funnel it into ERP. Oh wait, there totally is: abas BI.

abas BI directs data streams through the Microsoft SQL server, which compartmentalizes data into highly actionable cubes by parsing and extracting both the value and variables therein. In doing so, these two integrated solutions transform raw incoming data, wherever it comes from, into units of manipulable information ready for real-time processing.

index graphs industry 4.0
abas ERP's BI dashboard makes tracking KPIs intuitive.

See with new eyes, lead with a fresh perspective

Has a single line of text in a book ever trapped you in a loop of confusion? No matter how many times you read that darn sentence, you just can't understand what it's saying.

Is it you? Or is it the author? Sometimes, the only thing that prevents us from understanding information is how it's presented to us. That's just as true for latest bestselling novel as it is for data reports. What's different, however, is that data has a shelf life. As business leaders sit and divine the tea leaves, their companies march on. Operations continue to waste materials. Productivity worsens. Things fall apart in slow, practically unnoticeable ways. Unnoticeable, that is, until it's far too late to resolve the issues - at least, with little effort or cost.

Today's BI tools can't make decisions for us, but they should allow us to fully comprehend the status of all operations at a given moment with complete clarity. Reports shouldn't be static but flexible to whatever users need. Visualizations should be just as interactive, account for trends and update regularly.

Did your contribution margins shift? Then the latest sales reports ought to reflect that variation if sales reps are to act accordingly.

Have customers inexplicably missed their last few payments? Then finance teams need to know in order to adjust cash flow and respond to clients as necessary.

Has the amount of scrap metal exceeded the benchmark? Then production supervisors require alerts. With their eyes on demand and throughput, how will they know to also reinforce stricter line standardization?

Any of these key performance indicators and many more can be tracked and articulated through abas BI, making it the only support tool you'll need to power ERP and provide users with the data that matters most to them and the prosperity of the entire business. For more information, read up on how abas BI and ERP interact or contact abas today.


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