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abas: Next-Generation ERP Software

abas ERP is next generation software

It's official. We are living among the internet of things. We are woken up when our "explants" sense we are stirring at the end of a sleep cycle, our wrists shake when we walk enough calories for the day, our phones beep at us to call our colleagues, and at the end of the day, Siri tells us how to get "home" based off of the most commonly used recent address, unless you have added that to your phone (for all you digital nomads, why do that when Siri can tell you where you live since it might change by the week?)

The amazing part of all this connectivity is that the technology you use at home is also available for your business, specifically with abas ERP software. 

abas can be set to "awaken" in the morning and allow users in, it can set up workflow management tools that will notify a user that he or she has gotten enough practice for the day, and it can tell you to call your business contacts/colleagues when it's been too long since that last good conversation. How does abas do this?

  • Cron jobs can be set to allow users in during the morning and log them all out by the end of the company business day. 
    Cron Jobs in abas ERP software
  • abas Workflow can have a predetermined minimum/maximum number of tasks every day (25 tasks per day), so that when the user(s) has completed his or her items within the limits, they know that they have no outstanding items left in their queue and have met the minimums for what is expected from the leadership team and not overworked per leadership's maximums.
  • abas CRM can integrate all meetings with your calendar with abas and trigger a notification when the last task object in abas occurred past a set point in time in the past, e.g. your last meeting occurred more than 30 days in the past.
    abas CRM screenshot - ERP software

Having next-generation ERP software means you can take your business to the next generation of consumers and operate as the new example of excellence within your industry. Unlike your phone though, abas doesn't need to tell you how to get home, because once you start using abas, you'll never want to leave.

Download our white paper on "Selecting an ERP System in 7 Easy Steps" to learn more. Better yet, click here to Request a Demo.

By Brady Stephenson, CSCP, CPIM, Sr. Logistics Consultant/Project Manager at abas USA


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