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abas-USA Introduces Apps for iPhone and iPad to Integrate With abas-ERP

STERLING, VA–(Marketwired – Oct 15, 2013) – abas-USA launched two apps this week through iTunes. The applications, Stock Adjustment and TCI were released
A closed data stack can be a major advantage

What does Apple’s technology solution have to do with ERP?

In the 1990’s, ERP purchasers were wary of solutions offering their own database. There were concerns about importing and exporting data to third party systems

Embrace Change with Sustainable Technology

abas is a pioneer in the area of sustainable technology. From early implementation of Linux, the multi-tiered structure of the software architecture with our

In Consideration of Lean Manufacturing

When fully implemented, a lean manufacturing strategy transforms the entire manufacturing enterprise by cutting waste and removing non-value added processes.

Globalization in the mid-level Marketplace

The increasing influence of globalization in the mid-market is spreading with lightning speed, assisted by innovations in technology, communications, trade

abas-USA customers gather for “Real Dialog” about abas ERP

Sterling, VA- abas-USA hosted its 6th annual user conference in Sterling, VA last week. Users gained in depth insight into features such as Document Management

abas ERP flexibility “major advantage“ for manufacturers and distributors

Sterling, VA- abas ERP enables abas-USA customers to experience significant growth and diversify their product offering. Alan Salton, President of abas-USA,

abas-USA to attend 13th Vendor Shootout™ for ERP February 22-23, 2012 in Miami, FL

Sterling, VA- abas-USA announced today that they will present live product demonstrations to companies in the market for ERP software at the Vendor Shootout™

abas ERP: increased value with every new version

Karlsruhe- Many innovations in the current abas Business Software version make daily work with the ERP system even more efficient and easy. For example, using

abas Business Software ranks #1 in Recent i2s ERP User Satisfaction Survey

Sterling, VA- abas-USA announced today the results of a recent independent ERP user satisfaction survey, conducted by i2s, Intelligent Systems Solutions. The

abas USA and 750 other participants attend abas 360°- a successful start to a new era

Sterling, VA– Over 750 participants from all over the world, including many from abas-USA and its customers, visited the Congress Center in Karlsruhe, Germany

abas-USA to attend Worldwide abas ERP Customer Forum in Karlsruhe, Germany

Sterling, VA- abas-USA announced today that they will attend abas 360˚, a worldwide abas ERP Customer Forum in Karlsruhe, Germany, September 22-23, 2011. abas

abas USA labeled the “best kept secret on the ERP market” at the Vendor Shootout for ERP™

Sterling, VA- abas-USA announced today the results of their attendance at the Vendor Shootout for ERP™ in Boston, August 11-12. For 2 days, abas-USA

abas-USA to attend 11th Vendor Shootout(tm) for ERP August 11-12 in Boston, MA

Sterling, VA(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — abas-USA will be presenting live product demonstrations to show companies in the market for ERP software the robust features,

abas-USA Hosts Annual User Conference

Sterling, VA- abas-USA hosted the company’s annual user conference at their headquarters in Sterling, VA. New features of abas Business Software 2011 were

2011 Software Release: Abas introduces abas-Mobile

Sterling, VA– Abas-USA is pleased to announce their 2011 software release, offering many new functions included in the standard. Introducing abas-Mobile for

abas-USA releases Up-time Performance Results

Sterling, VA– Abas-USA has released the results of a benchmark performance study on reliability. The study found that that for their North American customer


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