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The industrial Internet of Things and ERP

There are Two I's in Team: The Power of the IIoT


First came the IoT, or internet of things, connecting virtually anything and everything that could be connected. Now its "big brother," the IIoT - industrial internet of things - is transforming the way the various parts and pieces of the supply chain converge - and converse - on the assembly line. Learn how IIoT is impacting the Fabrication & Assembly industry in this blog post. 

the 5 most important things when selecting ERP

5 of the Most Important Things to Look for in ERP Selection


In many ways, the ERP system you choose will be the primary medium through which the various functional areas of your company cohere into one unified whole. Selecting and implementing an ERP software solution is generally done to improve efficiency and transparency across business processes, which include everything from purchasing and sourcing, manufacturing, and inventory control to sales and marketing, distribution and customer relationship management.

abas ERP Field Service app

abas ERP Field Service App for Service Orders


The abas ERP Field Service App consolidates all of your field service data into a single place - service reservations, service requests, orders, service products, notes and tasks - all linked together and easily accessible whether your staff is in the office or not. The app provides easy-to-use tools for documenting the status of their service orders throughout their day, so they don’t have to wait until they’re back in the office to update.

Industry 4.0 Fabrication and Assembly Companies

Industry 4.0 - Fabrication and Assembly Companies


Digital innovations are transforming fabrication and assembly operations, opening the doors for small operators as well as big players to improve processes, increase efficiency and drive profits. With automated controls becoming more affordable, faster and more consistent, these tools are able to take on more complex and varied tasks than they could even just a few years ago. Download this insightful whitepaper today.

What ERP solutions mean to distribution companies

What ERP Solutions Mean to Distribution Companies Everywhere


Let's take a look at how ERP software changes the game on one of the world's most pervasive and complex industries.

 custom manufacturers need ERP agility and flexibility

Why Custom Manufacturers Choose abas ERP for Manufacturing Process


Many custom manufacturers are turning to abas ERP for manufacturing due to the agility and flexibility it offers and the domain expertise of the teams that implement it. This article describes how abas' domain expertise matches its software functionality, making for an excellent fit for businesses in the custom manufacturing business. 

In October 2018 abas USA opened its West Coast office

abas USA opens West Coast Office


abas USA is growing! The company just opened a second office in Carlsbad, California. The new location is home to employees in management, sales, consulting, support and other functions. Read on to learn more. 

Beckwood press abas ERP customer success story

Beckwood Press Uses abas ERP to Gain Visibility and Accelerate Growth


Successful St. Louis-based custom hydraulic press manufacturer, Beckwood Press, uses abas ERP to integrate their business functions and systems. In this story, learn how the company is using their ERP to manage and accelerate growth and keep track of critical business data.

Blockchain impacting assembly industry

How Blockchain Tech is Elevating the Assembly Industry


Imagine an assembly line where each and every component came with a small, invisible, but easily traceable guarantee of quality. Imagine a manufacturing sphere that could confidentially isolate and investigate a single problem branch in a recall, rather than bringing their entire operation to a halt. Imagine if customers could know and trust the provenance of their finished goods and materials without a trace of cynicism or skepticism. It's not a pipe dream - it's the way of the future under a blockchain-supported assembly and manufacturing industry.

metal fabrication using 3D metal printing

How Metal 3D Printing is Transforming Metal Fabrication


Emerging technologies, such as metal 3D printing, are disrupting traditional methods of metal fabrication. While 3D printing has been used for years with plastic and other simple materials, it’s now increasingly available for printing metal parts from metals, including stainless steel. Read on to learn about how 3D printing is reshaping the metal fabrication industry and how ERP can help businesses succeed with new innovations like this. 

cloud ERP versus on premise ERP versus Hybrid ERP

What Type of ERP Solution is Best for Your Business?


Choosing how to deploy your ERP solution isn’t always cut and dry. While the hot trend for many companies is to consider a cloud solution, that might not be the best choice for every business. An on-premise solution might turn out to be more cost effective. Perhaps a hosted ERP solution is the best way to go. Ultimately, there are pros and cons to all of them. But in the end, it all depends on what the business is trying to achieve.

Benefits of IIoT in manufacturing environments

Benefits of IIoT-Powered Manufacturing Intelligence


One major trend poised to have a transformative impact on the manufacturing model of the future is IIoT -  the Industrial Internet of Things. The term refers to products, machines and devices that typically haven’t had any kind of connectivity—from factory machines and forklifts to shipping pallets and delivery trucks. Read an excerpt of the new whitepaper The Benefits of IIoT-Powered Manufacturing Intelligence.

Chromascape Sign

ChromaScape abas ERP Implementation Case Study


This new case study about ChromaScape selection and ERP implementation is a must-read for any manufacturer embarking on an ERP selection or implementation project. The move to integrate abas ERP into operations is part of a larger effort to ensure consistent expansion at ChromaScape. Like many mid-sized companies, growth is exciting, but it brings new challenges. Click to learn more.

abas USA logo rectangle

abas USA Response to EEOC Complaint


Please read on to view the statement made by abas USA, Inc. in response to the false and reckless claims made yesterday regarding the EEOC complaint filed by the Communications Workers of America

Comparing and contrasting ERP RFIs and RFPs

What are the Differences Between an ERP RFI and an ERP RFP?


We often hear questions about the differences between an ERP RFI and an ERP RFP. When should you use each, and what is its purpose?

open source ERP versus closed source ERP

Closed Source ERP Vs. Open Source ERP: Which is Better?


Acquiring and operating an ERP system requires a considerable financial investment.

North Coast Seal

North Coast Seal abas ERP Implementation Case Study


This North Coast Seal case study discusses how working with abas ERP is driving a complete transformation across the business, creating visibility that is helping the business fully embrace and enact its cultural and operational goals. NCS’s efforts with abas ERP have allowed it to embed excellence into its everyday operations.

Configure Your Individual Schedule

abas 2018: Full Agenda is now online!


The abas 2018 Agenda is now online! Configure your individual schedule with all relevant topics by using our program configurator.

North Coast Seal sign - abas ERP

abas ERP Customer Video North Coast Seal


North Coast Seal was working with an antiquated DOS system that worked well for a long time but had limited the company’s visibility into everyday operations. When an error came up, it became extremely difficult to identify precisely what went wrong. The company needed to gain visibility into everyday operations. They knew they needed a new ERP system, but that was only the starting point.

How abas ERP helps businesses succeed

abas ERP Customer Testimonials - New Video


abas is so much more than just am ERP software vendor. To thousands of businesses in North America and worldwide, we are a true partner, helping our customers optimize, grow and meet their ambitious business goals. In this video, you'll hear from our customers themselves about why they chose abas, how it fits into their business, ways that it’s changed their day-to-day operations as well as their plans for the future. Watch to learn more!


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