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Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Increase liquidity

Storing excessive materials or goods ties down capital and limits your ability to react to changing conditions. Optimizing material management is the quickest way to increase the liquidity of your business so you can more readily respond to change.

The abas MRP System accurately and effectively manages all resources and requirements necessary to meet your manufacturing demand, while allowing you to maintain lean inventory levels. Not only does abas manage requirements for manufactured items and sub-assembly processes internally, it also manages requirements planning for production at alternate locations and through third-party vendors as well. The MRP looks at material demand, labor capacity, department and work center capacity, and provides rough cut capacity planning.

Your team gets the information they need to coordinate material flows and accelerate inventory turnover while ensuring the availability of required goods.


Get a hold on inventories.
Analyze key inventory performance indicators to optimize on-hand stock levels while maintaining reliable supplies for on-time deliveries.

Know what's there.
Accurately count current stock levels using your method of choice, including permanent stocktaking, stocktaking on a key date, and inventory sampling.

Know where it went.
Precisely document lots and serial numbers throughout the logistics chain—from supplier to customer—for complete oversight.

Make informed decisions.
Get the information to make better decisions about what to keep in stock, how to price it, and when it's no longer needed.

Track inventory across multiple locations.
Reliably map and track goods and materials across diverse warehouses, including main and reserve warehouses and inventory stored in vehicles.

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