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Galvanotechnik Kessel GmbH & Co. KG

Galvanotechnik Kessel provides high quality coating solutions for the metalworking industry. Our focus is on the automotive-, electronical industry, mechanical engineering and energy engineering.

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About Galvanotechnik Kessel GmbH & Co. KG

abas is the central tool for which the company controls its production processes. All functions of abas, from purchasing with purchase order management to warehouse management, scheduling, retailing and materials management to sales with sales order processing and accounting, are being used at Galvanotechnik Kessel GmbH. The software‘s main focus is placed on production planning and control, as well as the interfaces to the electroplating plants and automatic analyzers (electrolyte bath management). The connection of the quality assurance to the ERP system is also important.

Every time expansions or adjustments have to be carried out we realize that we made a good choice with abas Business Software. All requirements of our customers Volkswagen and Audi were realized quickly thanks to the abas Business Software. Since the implementation of abas Business Software, we have quadrupled our turnover. Without this system we would have to have a lot more personnel and with the existing production costs we would no longer be able to compete.

- Bernd Buhse, CEO

Project highlights

  • RDT Automotive
  • Work plans for SPS control
  • Fully automatic connection of production automats to control and record machine completion confirmation data
  • Managing the electroplating parameters in abas
  • Integration of all EDI functions for VW/Audi
  • Integration of electrolyte baths with connection to the analysis automats
  • Automatic control of the analysis with optimization of the baths
  • Evaluation of electrolyte baths with individual values

Galvanotechnik Kessel GmbH & Co. KG at a Glance

Automotive industry
Metalworking industry

Electroplating of vehicle parts; supplier for automotive industry, electro and electronics industry, mechanical engineering, construction of heavy machinery, agricultural machines, special machines and utility vehicle construction; surface technology