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As a manufacturer of plastic pipes made of polyethylene and other polymer materials, Gerodur provides a complex product range for various applications, such as piping for drinking water and gas supply, waste water pressure pipes and sewage lines, heating and sanitary pipes, as well as geothermal power systems. The company is expanding and has grown from 55 to 176 employees over the last few years. They are currently producing up to 40,000 tons of pipe from polyethylene or other environmentally friendly polymers each year. Because of this development the company‘s previous, compartmented IT solution was no longer sufficient.

Gerodur chose abas because it provided Gerodur the flexibility they needed to adjust to their constantly changing requirements without losing its update compatibility. Thanks to a sophisticated implementation concept, abas could be implemented reliably and in only 5 months. The flexibility and architecture of the software enable Gerodur to map company and industry specific requirements in real time. From accounting to the entire production area to logistics and warehouse management, all of their business areas are connected through abas. For Gerodur this increases transparency and their ability to provide information. Error rates have been dramatically decreased, as data is only imported into the ERP system once. With the introduction of abas Gerodur was able to achieve considerable time and cost savings and increase delivery reliability.

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abas supports our company‘s goal of continuous improvement by readily adjusting to our requirements and processes. By using the integrated ERP system, our transparency, ability to provide information and delivery reliability have increased considerably.
Jörg Henke, Head of Logistics

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• Multiple machine operation
• Made to order production
• Lot management
• Machine data collection
• Project control with infosystems
• Cost accounting

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