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The Baden-based company Anton Debatin GmbH has a long tradition. As with Europe‘s leading providers, they offer products made from environmentally friendly polyethylene including Debasafe security bags, self-adhering Debapac document pouches and Unipost shipping envelopes. Innovative products designed and produced by highly qualified employees, together with state of the art production methods and machines and an ERP software that provides optimal control of business processes, ensures the highest possible quality while maintaining competitive prices.

With abas ERP, we are capable of growing healthy without having to increase the staff‘s capacities.
Jürgen Wilhelm, Commercial Executive
Project Highlights: 

• Connectivity to warehouse EDI barcode scanners
• Connectivity to external sales force
• Outsourced finished goods warehouse using the EDI interface to connect to the ERP system
• Future requirements can be mapped in the system with reasonable effort
• Modifications can be made in house and will not be erased by updates.


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