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SKF Group

SKF Sealing Solutions Austria GmbH is recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing machined seal solutions. Their products, specially manufactured for a turbine, to small series production of customer specific fitted plastic parts to complete machines for a variety of product lines. abas ERP is implemented at many of the company‘s locations in multiple countries. Their flexibility and internationalization requirements for abas are high.

Fast Facts

Serial Production
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Austria, Poland, Canada, China Italy, Germany, USA
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Companies like SKF Group need an ERP like abas. Want to know more?

The availability of abas in over 28 languages - in operation and as output languages - is as much of a plus for internationally operating companies as the processing of different currencies. The hardware plays a major role when we think of expansion: we also deliberately decided to go for a system, which would give us flexibility as we have already developed hardware structures which we would like to continue to use. Taking this into account, nothing stands in the way of a further expansion at SKF.
Mario Brückner, employee in international sales, and responsible for the implementation and support of ERP software at SKF Economos

Sealing solutions
SKF product
Project Highlights: 
  • Integrated use of all functions of the ERP Software: purchasing with purchase order processing, warehouse management, scheduling,
    retail and material management, sales with sales order processing and accounting
  • Special feature: Production planning and control with PDC
  • Flexible, direct sales order processing
  • All necessary information, such as parts lists for picking, is available at the machine.
  • Feedback to the system is automatically sent after the work is complete
  • Current and reliable information about inventory levels based on the data in abas can be accessed at any time.


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