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Variant Management

Variant managementVariant structures within bills of materials are essential for configure-to-order and make-to-order manufacturers. abas ERP offers the ability to maintain standard, alternative, or supplementary items structures for a vast array of different combinations while streamlining planning and item-master functions.

On-the-fly adjustments: Variant management enables you to quickly modify bills of materials for quotes or sales orders and reliably update estimated delivery periods and costs on the fly.

Component flexibility: Any product can have alternative BOMs based on differing components vendors can supply to cover temporary shortages of preferred parts.

Phased structures: Bills of materials can be assigned validity and expiration dates to seamlessly phase individual constructions in and out.

Faster processes: Ready components and assemblies can be initiated while other parts are pending release, and items with long lead times can be procured while engineering activities are still in progress.

Crisis management: Alternative BOMs help you manage for emergencies and quickly change how an item is processed, optimize the size of the production run through alternative assembly equipment, or offload capacity to different processes.


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