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Production Reporting

Comprehensive production reporting is essential to maintaining an overview of your business's performance and profitability. Enable your teams to record relevant data about completed or interrupted processes and use that data to evaluate efficiencies and develop business-growing strategies.

Actual quantities: Shop floor teams can easily change standard production list quantities to reflect actual materials used and update available stock levels.

Accurate cost tracking: Reported scrap and processing times can be evaluated, used for capacity planning, and made available for accounting to accurately track costs.

Comprehensive overview: Production reports enable you and your production team to track current activities and provides valuable production status information for sales and service teams.

Disruption reporting: Disruptions can be reported, including machine breakdowns or material shortages, to identify inefficiencies and initiate appropriate countermeasures.

Valuable insight: Reliably track, evaluate and chart key production performance indicators such as material consumption, operation costs, downtime, scrap quantities, and more.


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