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Inventory Management

Inventory management helps you strategically map and manage your company's warehouse structures and physical stock. Maintain manageable warehouse hierarchies and easily track your raw materials, finished products, subcontracting materials, spare parts, and auxiliary and operational materials for maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

More efficiency: Clearly mapped warehouse structures and storage locations help your logistics team more quickly process goods receipts, accelerate picking for sales orders, and improve scheduling and planning.

Accurate counts: Stocktaking in abas ERP excels in clarity and transparency of data structures and counting procedures can be defined according to your company's requirements.

Automatic updates: abas ERP ensures available materials and goods counts are kept up to date by automatically adjusting stock levels when packing slips are posted or production reports yields.

Scanners: Scanner solutions for abas ERP use a login-controlled authentication to ensure secure access and provides layout and ergonomics especially designed for PDAs to accelerate stock receipts, issues and transfers.


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