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Estimates and Actual Costs

Costing enables your business to flexibly estimate delivery dates and shipment weights as well as perform preliminary, accumulated current and final costing. Estimated costs for products or individual sales orders are recorded in detail for later comparison to actual cost results.

Comprehensive cost factors: Costing can account for materials, routing, machines, production volumes, batch sizes, depreciation, labor, overheads, administrative cost, subcontracting cost, relocations costs, and much more.

Flexible inventory valuation: abas ERP supports actual, LIFO, FIFO, standard, mixed, and other inventory valuation methods so you can choose the costing method that best reflects your company's business.

Continuous improvement: Updated material quantities, scrap yields, delivery periods, and actual costs from similar jobs continuously improve the accuracy of costing results.

Multi-level control: Drill downs enable you and your team to instantly access and control price components such as material, operations, overheads, margins and commissions.


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