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abas ERP provides powerful tools to modify the system to your individual needs, streamline processes, and improve overall business performance. Easily personalize your solution to deliver the information that matters most to you and your team and accelerate productivity with system structures that match your work environment.

Tailored workspaces: Tailored workspaces are created by developing new screens, fields, macros, reports, database structures, or entirely new functions to logically process information from internal and external sources in a clear layout.

Process automation: EDP is a text-based, network-compatible interface that enables access to the abas ERP database to create, select, edit, validate or delete almost any type of data as part of an automated or batch process.

Flexible interfaces: abas’s own interface development language, FOP for short, is an easy-to-learn yet powerful tool for integrating custom business logic and linking workflows throughout your ERP system.

abas Java Objects: abas Java Objects is an internal, object-oriented application programming language that enables you to develop more extensive customizations using Java base classes and libraries.


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