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Continuous Upgrades

abas follows a continuous upgrade strategy to ensure your ERP system remains reliable and state of the art. New functions and technologies are included in each upgrade, increasing efficiency and productivity within your organization from year to year.

Cost savings: abas upgrades are comparable to what other ERP providers refer to as release changes—with new features and capabilities, but without the associated service and re-implementation costs.

Secure customization: abas offers complete customization security, ensuring even highly customized installations remain fully upgradeable without degrading unique modifications.

Minimum disruptions: The average upgrade is performed in just a few days without having to create a new project, keeping business disruptions to a minimum and further lowering costs.

No unwanted surprises: abas is able to ensure flawless interaction between new functions and the database by delivering concurrent database and ERP versions—eliminating unsuspected compatibility issues that cost time and money.


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