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Automated Requisitions

For many manufacturers, their system’s ability to auto-generate purchase or production requisitions from new or existing bills of materials is vital. abas ERP can generate these requisitions as parts are added to items' master tables and demand is recognized. Your buyers can then release purchase requisitions to multiple vendors in a single run and shop floor teams can include production requisitions in their capacity plans.

Process automation: abas ERP recognizes requirements and automatically generates purchase and production requisitions for the appropriate departments, including the quantity to be purchased or produced and the required delivery or finish date.

Less hassle: Your buyers and shop floor teams can access all outstanding purchase and production requisitions in a single screen, where they can convert individual or multiple requisitions to purchase orders or work orders for further processing with a single click.

Faster, more secure processing: Direct conversion from requisition to purchase order or work order saves time and eliminates errors caused while re-keying data.

Inventory control: Minimum stock levels can be defined for all products in your inventory to automatically generate requisitions when on-hand stock drops below an acceptable level.


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