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Action Management

abas ERP supports action management with a series of tools that optimize operational actions you and your team require to drive better business performance. Action management is implemented in all operational areas to remove obstacles and stimulate smoother workflows that accelerate day-to-day activities and promote business efficiency and productivity.

Action Management and ERP

The "Action Management" button: The "Action" button in abas ERP promotes collaboration, exception management, and optimized processing by providing instant access to context-relevant actions and workflows throughout the system.

Drill downs: Drill downs provide excellent data access from object to object through the entire system with intelligent implementation design that directly connects people to the information they need.

The "Info" button: abas ERP accelerates access to process overviews and evaluations with the "Info" button that provides a context-relevant list of available infosystems.

Approved workflows: Fully customizable workflows can be approved and enforced to accelerate your organization's processes, prevent systematic problems, and avoid identified risks.


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