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Rud. Kanzow


Rud. Kanzow

Rud. Kanzow GmbH & Co. KG has been an internationally active direct fish importer and specialist for frozen seafood specialties distribution for 125 years. Their products range from diverse saltwater and freshwater fish, mollusks, and shellfish to sushi toppings and sea algae salads. Because their previous software could no longer fulfill their business requirements, Rud. Kanzow implemented abas ERP in 2009. Furthermore, the previous software developer was on the outs and the search was on for a new, stronger partner. Agility and scalability convinced Kanzow that abas was the right solution for them. They also appreciated the personal demeanor of the abas Systemhaus GmbH team member, who quickly understood what Kanzow wanted and could realize their vision. Today, Kanzow relies on abas ERP in all of their business areas. After the planned version upgrade, the Hamburg based company is looking toward implementing abas BI.

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The abas software partner we talked to initially immediately gave us the impression that they understood our concerns and had the right solutions for our company. And it's stayed that way ever since. In addition to a flexible system that adjusts to growing requirements, it's important to us that we have a reliable, long-term partner at our side who understands our requirements and implements them in our interest.
Jan Giza, Head of Financial Accounting, Personnel, Internal Processes

Frozen fish, fish products, and seafood of all types
Kanzow Seafood
Project Highlights: 
  • abas has significantly improved goods tracking, a critical requirement in the foods industry
  • abas ERP makes all software functions, information, and data available more quickly than before
  • Implementation of lot selection by criteria, such as sell by date, country of origin, and cost price, to optimize order processing
  • Administration of swimming (live) goods
  • Administration of quality data / test values
  • Interface to Dakosy customs processing
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