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RSG Regel and Steuergeräte GmbH has a wide range of products and this variety must also be represented in the business software. Until the end of 2006, RSG’s IT environment consisted of a number of isolated solutions. It became more and more difficult to represent the continuously changing requirements in the solutions. This is the reason why RSG was looking for a new company IT. The system should be integrated, flexible, upgradeable and easy to use. The abas Business Software was selected. The software went live on January 2, 2007. Since then, transparency and productivity in the company have increased, lead times could be decreased and delivery reliability has also increased.

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Metal Fabrication
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Our entire sales order processing is now created in abas ER P. We can thus determine and confirm delivery dates on short notice. Ever since we have been using scheduling, our delivery reliability has increased and lead times were reduced. Productivity has increased. Time consuming and error-prone double entries are a thing of the past. RSG produces small series from 1 to 10,000 pieces, perforce there are many product innovations which we constantly represent in our ER P system. In this way the system optimally supports our internal, continuous improvement process. Our consignment warehouse, which is managed according to Kanban principles, is also managed in our ERP system. We are absolutely sure that we will also be able to represent all future requirements in our business IT.
Rainer Werthwein, Head of Sales

Coaxialventile, Armaturen, Injektoren, Magnetventile und Rückschlagventile
Metal Industry- RSG
Project Highlights: 

• From isolated solutions to an integrated business software
• Increase in delivery reliability and decrease of lead times by using the scheduling
• Increase in productivity
• Error prone double entries no longer exist

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