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The old IT environment, which was characterized by isolated applications, was converted to the abas ERP solution in stages. During the system selection process, "soft" issues were considered in addition to the functional evaluation of the systems. This decision has proven to be right: The positive impressions which were already gained beforehand, such as references, understanding of industry, experience of the project team and flexibility of the software, were confirmed during and after the project implementation.

The integration of four different old systems into an integrated ERP system was a special challenge for all project participants. There was no alternative to the support of the IT technology for the future reorientation of the company. The selection of a flexible solution such as abas as well as the commitment of all internal and external project participants resulted in the successful project realization within 12 months. The increased transparency due to abas now provides the basis for a permanent and consistent optimization of our business processes to support a stronger international focus of the company through multilingualism and eBusiness capability.
Hans-Jürgen Steeb, Head of IT/ORG
Project Highlights: 
  • From isolated solutions to an integrated system
  • Increased transparency
  • Continuing optimization of business processes
  • Internationality and multilingualism


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