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Oculus Surgical
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OCULUS Surgical


OCULUS Surgical

Since its founding in the 1980s, Germany-based OCULUS GmbH has seen success in helping people see better. It developed the first non-contact wide angle viewing system for vitreoretinal surgery: the OCULUS SDI/BIOM, which set a new global standard for vitreoretinal surgery performed using wide angle viewing.

To improve care of its exclusive circle of customers – ophthalmic surgeons – OCULUS set up a special department called OCULUS Surgical. This team drives ongoing improvement of existing products, trainings and distribution in the USA. Founded in April 2012,  OCULUS Surgical, Inc., in Florida, now allows for direct distribution of the SDI/BIOM system in the USA.

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Surgical viewing equipment and accessories
Oculus Product
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This implementation of abas ERP was unusual in that the software was also being implemented at their sister company OCULUS, Inc. in Arlington, WA. For the US re-implementation, the company added several new features, including a production module.

OCULUS Surgical operates in a heavily-regulated industry – healthcare – that requires lots of regulatory compliance and reporting via the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because of this, they had to have a comprehensive Service module, as well as serial number tracking for their FDA compliance practices. So vital were compliance concerns that the company even had a compliance consultant validate their abas ERP system to ensure it was in full compliance with FDA regulations.

OCULUS Surgical is still growing and using its enhanced abas ERP system to meet evolving demands for regulatory compliance and production.

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