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North Coast Seal

North Coast Seal (NCS) provides a wide variety of sealing products such as gaskets, seals and O-rings to companies worldwide. In operation since 1985, it supplies many OEMs in the natural gas, medical, aerospace and automotive industries. North Coast Seal brings considerable expertise in elastomeric and sealing devices, as well as product expertise to every customer order it delivers on.

Ensuring quality is critical to NCS, which is why they put their sealing products through a rigorous testing process. Their in-house inspection machines and material verification center ensure that customers receive the exact products they ordered and that they are the highest level of quality. NCS is currently in a major growth period, which means they are aggressively exploring a variety of avenues to expand its thriving business.

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Custom Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery
Fabrication and Assembly
Metal Fabrication
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Cleveland, OH
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abas has changed our company. We’re more organized in terms of lot control and batch control. Things aren’t as hectic as they were with the other systems. abas tracks mistakes and lets you see what went wrong.
Tim Sasura, Quality Control Manager

Seals, O-rings, Gaskets, Custom Rubber, Fasteners, Plastic and Rubber Extrusions
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Prior to their abas ERP implementation, NCS was working with a DOS system that they felt was limiting the company’s visibility into everyday operations. When an error came up, it was difficult to identify exactly what had gone wrong. The company needed to gain visibility into their everyday operations, and realized they needed a new ERP system.

During its due diligence process to find an ERP partner, abas stood out because it checked off nearly all of NCS’s requirements in the core feature list and also would be able to grow and adapt with the business, something that was particularly important with NCS’s plans for growth.

Now with abas, NCS has increased visibility into all of their data through graphs, charts and intuitive interfaces, meaning NCS workers can easily access the information they need when they need it. They also take advantage of the system’s integrated customer relationship management function to improve their customer relations and sales processes.

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