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Micro-Mode manufactures high-quality components such as connectors and adapters for military, aerospace and commercial industries. The company offers an extensive line of its own products and also creates custom parts to customer specifications. Its facility near San Diego, California offers complete, in-house manufacturing capabilities including engineering and design services, a plating lab, and glass to metal sealing operations.

Micro-Mode has won numerous awards for quality and service. It is a self-sufficient, vertically integrated organization, enabling it to develop, control and schedule all critical manufacturing processes for its customers.

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Custom Manufacturing
Fabrication and Assembly
Metal Fabrication
Serial Production
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El Cajon, California
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We find that the most useful feature is the ability to see what components have been worked on and exactly where they are within the planning chart and production list. We also love the ability to see everything within a few clicks.
Susan Arthur, Micro-Mode

Adapters, Cable Assemblies, Attenuators, Tools, Blindmade Connectors, Threaded Connectors
Micro-Mode product
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Since Micro-Mode manufactures standard and custom components for industries where quality and safety are absolute musts (military defense, aerospace), the company sought an ERP provider who could offer them more precise visibility into its production process, whether that production was customized or standard. Micro-Mode searched for an ERP partner who could offer them real-time, fully data-driven insights into every step of its complex planning and production processes for both standard and custom manufacturing.

After considering several potential ERP vendors, Micro-Mode decided that abas ERP was the best solution suited to their needs. After working with abas to implement the system, Micro-Mode now has clear, real-time tracking of, and full visibility into, each step of its planning and production process. This capability has allowed Micro-Mode to become more agile and data driven in its planning and production processes, which not only helps drive safety and quality but also reduces inefficiency.

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