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Mayflower Distributing


Mayflower Distributing

Founded in 1981, Mayflower Distributing is a leading national distributor of product categories such as balloons, party goods, decorations, food service, floral products and other packaging items. It distributes over 25,000 products to customers in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico, and overseas. Mayflower takes pride in maintaining close, long-term relationships with its suppliers to ensure the best product selection and availability for its customers.

Mayflower is headquartered in Minnesota and distributes from two strategically located distribution centers located in St. Paul, MN and Los Angeles, CA.   

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St. Paul, MN and Los Angeles, CA
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Companies like Mayflower Distributing need an ERP like abas. Want to know more?

Using Abas was a great decision, the system is highly integrated, provides excellent visibility, controls and tools. It allows us to increase productivity by doing much more with what we already have, as well as easily being able to change and adapt on the fly.
Bob Heurung, Chief Financial Officer

Balloons and balloon accessories, party supplies, ribbons, packaging, party goods, helium tanks, and food service products
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Project Highlights: 

As Mayflower Distributing was growing and expanding its business, their legacy custom software application was becoming cumbersome and expensive to use. Warehouse management in particular was a key aspect of the business where the software was a concern. The company’s experienced warehouse manager had already optimized Mayflower’s warehouse management system and staff to be as efficient as they could be using the legacy software, which was a driving motivator to look for a new ERP system.

Together with the abas team, Mayflower was able to use abas ERP to take their optimizations further, developing a suite of custom reports and infosystems to run their warehouse. The new approach, developed in partnership with the abas USA team, saved the company time and allowed warehouse resources to be allocated more productively. Sales and finance modules were also developed based on Mayflower’s requirements and workflow.

When Mayflower introduced a new site location in California, abas met the challenge by adding a new costing calculation, which allowed transportation and other costs to be made specific to each site. The California site also had some additional needs like a point-of-sale showroom, different business flows and management requirements, etc. Abas ERP was able to work with Mayflower and help make this expansion project a success.


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