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Customer Story

Langston Companies Inc.


Langston Companies Inc.

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably used one of Langston’s multiwall paper bags — they’re used in a huge array of consumer products sold at supermarkets and big box stores (such as Walmart) all across the country. Their bags are used to package flour, sugar, rice, charcoal, cat litter and dog food as well as industrial and agricultural products. Langston has a strong focus on customer relationships, something that sets it apart from its competition.

Founded in 1946, Langston Companies began in a 5,000-square foot building in Memphis, Tennessee. Today, Langston still operates out of that original Memphis facility, but has since expanded significantly across the United States and Mexico.

Fast Facts

Custom Manufacturing
Fabrication and Assembly
Metal Fabrication
Serial Production
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California, Arizona, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mexico
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Multiwall paper bags, bulk bags, cotton bale packaging, woven poly bags, stock items
Great Lakes bag
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Langston sought an ERP partner to support its growth and future-proof its operations. Its top priority was to have a more direct line of sight into its financial, operational and production data — knowing costs, spotting problems early, identifying where variances were occurring, and making faster, more data-driven decisions across its entire operations. Additionally, Langston sought more traceability through lot control and more integration with its suppliers.

Langston ultimately chose to partner with abas USA for several major reasons, related to both the software itself and a great cultural fit between the company and the abas USA team. Langston also decided on abas because the software was more modern than others considered, with a friendlier user interface, more modern developments in Business Intelligence/analytics, and various other enhancements. In abas, Langston chose a partner who is dedicated to helping the company gain enhanced productivity, as well as the agility necessary to navigate a present and future of ever-accelerating change.

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