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LACO Technologies

Founded more than 35 years ago, LACO is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum process technology. Some of LACO’s system applications include altitude and space simulation, package testing, degassing, potting, brazing and joining, vacuum bake-out and drying, research and instrumentation and product testing. LACO selected abas ERP because it is a flexible system that can accommodate their unique range of products and processes. With abas ERP they have been able to develop Infosystems that help them do a better job of forecasting, planning, and producing in their Calibration Lab department. They are also able to view and correlate quotations, bookings, production, and shipments in a matter of minutes. LACO said their production and shipment pace has been higher than ever with the help of abas ERP.

With the cooperation and support of ABAS USA, we have developed the ability to do our own customizations suited to the needs of our operations. By far, easier to do than with other ERP systems I have used in the past.
Greg Pennington, Production Manager
Project Highlights: 
  • Accommodated wide range of manufactured products from simple standard products to large custom products
  • Mass customization tools


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