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KUIPERS Technologies



KUIPERS Technologies

KUIPERS was founded as a family run forge in 1924 in Meppen, Germany, and quickly grew to be one of the largest and most modern sheet metal processors in Germany. As a high-capacity service provider for all steps along the process chain—from concept to finished part—KUIPERS impresses with modern production technologies, optimized process and control methods, and efficient logistics. Flat hierarchies, quick decisions, and flexibility also play a large role. The same was true for the conversion to a new business software, which was necessary following their constant growth.

In 2011 it became clear that KUIPERS's outdated custom solution had reached its limits and was replaced by abas ERP. The decision was made for the Karlsruhe, Germany, based business software not only because the system's scalability was ideal for their growing operation, but also because the function range included in the standard release was a good fit for a sheet metal processing operation while still providing extensive options to adjust the system to their own requirements. They've been able to link abas ERP to their Trumpf machines, their Stopa warehouse, their stacker, and a bi-directional WiCAM interface. The interplay of software and hardware can also be exemplified by their forklifts that receive instructions directly from the workers at the Trumpf machines.

KUIPERS uses the abas functions CRM, costing, scheduling, sales, production, materials management, EDI, purchasing, financial and fixed asset accounting, as well as cost accounting and controlling. They also benefit from abas DMS and abas APS as well as the expansions CTI & Communication and PDC/PTR.

The result is real-time and transparent plant data collection that delivers direct evaluations on efficiency and productivity, data that weren't even recorded previously. Finally, KUIPERS was able to revamp their entire process flow and reduce work steps, particularly in the area of production controlling.

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Metal Fabrication
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Meppen, Germany
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abas ERP impresses with its flexibility and efficiency, as well as with the ease with which the system can be adjusted to changing business processes and with its seamless installation process.
Michael Kuipers, Head of Business Development KUIPERS CNC-Blechtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Comprehensive sheet metal processing; welding, flexing, etc.
ERP Software im Einsatz bei Kuipers CNC Blechtechnik GmbH abas erp
Project Highlights: 
  • Integration of bi-directional WiCAM interface
  • Connection to Stopa warehouse, forklifts, and Trumpf machines
  • Through the coordination of hardware and software, forklifts receive instructions from the workers on the Trumpf machines to accelerate transport
  • PDC in real time


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