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From agriculture arose the desire to work more intensively with healthy wholesome nutrition and everything surrounding it. So developed the long-running company Karl-Heinz Häussler GmbH, which manufactures and sells wood ovens, electric stone ovens, pizza ovens, dough kneading machines, pasta making machines, corn mills and fumigators, etc. worldwide. To maintain the standard for service and quality they had achieved despite the rapid expansion, Häussler was looking for a new corporate IT which would optimally support the processes in the company. They decided on abas at the start of 2005.

Fast Facts

Industrial Machinery
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The first challenge during the implementation was to get an universal and complete solution from distribution, marketing, and sales at cashier stations through production to warehouse management, accounting, and controlling. The other challenge was to import data that we had collected in previous years into the abas system in a sensible way. The customer history, for example, has been available to us without interruption despite switching to abas. The advantages of the abas solution and the abas database could already be seen during the implementation, and now also in operation: We can make a lot of changes to the system ourselves and thus save money.
Jochen Reuter, IT Manager

Holzbacköfen, Elektro-Steinbacköfen, Pizzaöfen, Teigknetmaschinen, Nudelmaschinen, Getreidemühlen, Räucherschränke etc
Mechanical Engineering- Haeussler
Project Highlights: 
  • Management of 120,000 customer master files records
  • Up to 50 new contacts and customer orders per day via the abas eB Webshop
  • Duplicate check
  • Integrated CRM
  • Adoption of historical data
  • Organization of characteristics
  • Integrated POS system
  • Parcel service connection
  • Parcel number tracking/shipment tracking via the Internet
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