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Käppler & Pausch GmbH


Käppler & Pausch GmbH

Since their founding in 1993, Käppler & Pausch GmbH has provided top-quality metal processing utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The company is specialized in the production of demanding, design-oriented system modules and the manufacture of components for rail vehicle construction.

The company's original IT system could only be used limitedly and was no longer sufficient for their needs. The decision was made for abas ERP thanks to the excellent price–performance ratio.

Thanks to the software from the Karlsruhe-based ERP specialists, Käppler & Pausch is now able to map modules and improve process structures. In the production planning and purchasing departments, Käppler & Pausch has been able to increase output and reduce work steps. The ERP system is implemented in all areas of the company. PDC/PTR as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are used as extensions. abas Mobile and abas BI are also in use.

Stocktaking, planning, and forwarding to the boxers is significantly faster now thanks to abas ERP. Käppler & Pausch plans to open a webshop for laser parts.

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Custom Manufacturing
Fabrication and Assembly
Metal Fabrication
Serial Production
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Today, we rely on abas ERP in all of our business areas. We are glad to have Alltrotec as a competent and reliable partner for the design and optimization of our operational processes.
Sandra Köhler (Marketing) / Stefan Köhler (ERP Administrator) / Thomas Maciej (Production Manager)

Laserteile und Blechbaugruppen, von der Konstruktion über die Teilefertigung, Beschichtung bis hin zur Montage
Kappler Pausch
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  • abas BI
  • TruToPs Fab Storage, construction data adoption with module creation
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