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Held Hydraulik


Held Hydraulik

Gebr. Held Hydraulik Technischer Grosshandel GmbH has been using abas since 1999. The results have been impressive, particularly in purchasing and controlling. With seven locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and a retail network throughout Europe, Gebr. Held Hydraulik Technischer Grosshandel GmbH offers a wide range of services relating to fluid technology. Since the implementation of abas, Gebr. Held Hydraulik Technischer Grosshandel GmbH has upgraded the software repeatedly to ensure they continue to profit from the newest functions.

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The flood of information we face in our central purchasing department is formidable. With abas, we have implemented a warehouse group concept that spans various locations. Our local warehouses are represented as one warehouse in the ERP system using warehouse locations. This has many advantages, including that each location is able to perform its own scheduling. However, purchasing is handled by our headquarters in Tuttlingen in order to get better terms and conditions from our suppliers. Because we have blanket orders that span several years, purchasing must be able to manage large quantities of data. We would not be able to handle this without our ERP system.
Jürgen Zahn, Head of Sales

Vendor of fluid technology products for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
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  • Sophisticated client and warehouse group concept to support seven locations with centralized procurement
  • Long-term investment security
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