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Fassmer Company


Fassmer Company

Ships, rescue boats, access systems, wind turbine components, and composite technologies from the Fassmer Company can be found around the globe. The company is based in the traditional shipbuilding region of northern Germany.

Fassmer was one of the first companies in Europe to process composite materials to create roofs VW buses and coverings for wind turbines. Fassmer has had some truly spectacular and prominent projects: The new construction of the Greenpeace ship "Rainbow Warrior 3" or, currently, the first liquid-gas-powered ferry for the Heligoland ferry service.

The following product ranges also classify the equally different product structures: Make-to-order production (new ship building), variant production (rescue boats, launches) and series production (wind turbine component, vehicle roofs). With their broad, diversified product portfolio, the company needed to remain flexible and able to pursue new paths quickly. The number of products and product ranges also made it necessary implement a new ERP system. Fassmer chose abas ERP.

abas ERP replaced multiple isolated solutions. A number of factors spoke in favor of converting to abas ERP, including the excellent price–performance ratio and the Linux basis. The ERP system made an all-around good impression. All business areas could now work with a single solution. Fassmer restructured almost all of their departments during the implementation of the new software, which also included international offices such as in Poland.

abas ERP is implemented into every area of the business. Fassmer uses the software in Purchasing, Sales, Materials Management, Scheduling, Production, Costing, Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Project Cost Accounting, Fixed Asset Accounting, EDI, and Controlling. The company also uses abas Mobile, abas BI, and abas DMS. Furthermore, the abas expansion "Sanctions check" is also in use. 

Fast Facts

Custom Manufacturing
Industrial Machinery
Fabrication and Assembly
Metal Fabrication
Serial Production
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Germany, Poland, China
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Companies like Fassmer Company need an ERP like abas. Want to know more?

With a wide range of applications, abas was able to provide the flexible and customizable ERP software we required.
Joachim Hellrung, IT-Leitung

Ship and boat yard, access systems, components for wind turbines, fiber composite technology
Rainbow Warrior III
Project Highlights: 
  • Consistent software in all business departments.
  • Fewer interfaces
  • Particularly purchasing and sales have been accelerated. Enormous improvements were also made in accounting with regards to preparation and data access
  • With the reduction in interfaces and the increase in the transparency of the data, work steps have been cut back and redundant efforts all but eliminated.
  • Output was significantly increased in purchasing
  • Hand-held scanners deliver essential data from warehousing, scheduling, and production to the ERP system.


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