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Dustless Tools


Dustless Tools

Contractors and DIY professionals have tough, dirty jobs. The mission of Dustless Tools is to help quickly and conveniently eliminate dust, ash and other mess that is part of those jobs. Put simply, Dustless Tools was founded to make cleaning up easier.

The first DT product was developed by company founder Mike Loveless in 1983. He developed the original ash vacuum in his garage to eliminate the constant dust and ash generated by family’s home wood stove. Friends and family were soon asking for one. A second revolutionary vacuum was developed in 1997 — the Dustless Wet+Dry Vacuum — and the second division of the company, Dustless Technologies, was born. Since then, DT has created dozens of vacuums, dust shrouds and accessories.

Fast Facts

Custom Manufacturing
Metal Fabrication
Serial Production
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Vacuums, Shrouds, Equipment, Accesories
Dustless Vacuum
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Dustless Tools' rapid growth and product development led Operations Manager Spencer Loveless to begin seeking out the best ERP solution. “We wanted several new capacities through an ERP system, including capacity planning, capacity scheduling, production planning, and especially being able to digitize work orders,” said Loveless. The goal of DT was to streamline processes and keep track of the time and money spent on projects and processes, something they achieved through the abas ERP implementation..

Abas ERP now allows Dustless to forecast, control and monitor their inventory to support growth. Linking the sales and production teams, through the same ERP system, allows for optimization of manufacturing resources while enhancing customer service levels. Further, abas helped DT achieve ​better cooperation and collaboration between their two locations, improving efficiency.

As DT’s Loveless explains it, “abas enabled us to streamline processes and keep track of the man hours, time, and money we’re spending on projects and processes.”

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